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Seeking Acquisitions: Reputable TAS, in business since 1967 and still owned by the founding family, seeks a small TAS acquisition in the USA. Ideally, you’re billing under $50k per month. Smaller is better. We’ll treat you right, and your employees and customers. Let’s talk. Contact Doug at 888-693-7935 or

Seeking Acquisitions: Nexa Receptionists is seeking acquisitions. Past deals include Answer 1, Keener Communications, Alert Communications, and MainLine Telecommunications. We have the capital to get deals done and are committed to fairness and transparency throughout the process. We pay great prices for great companies and treat sellers/owners well. Contact: or 804-527-2687.

Looking to Sell Your TAS? I have personal connections with buyers ready to act. Completely confidential to ensure trustworthy, private transactions. Competitive fees put more money in your pocket. And professional services provide the best results. Contact Ron Violante to learn more: or 330-565–8364.

Put up to 45% more cash in your pocket by selling to MAP versus another party. Section 1042 of the IRS Code lets you take advantage of indefinitely deferring taxes by selling to MAP’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Receive an all cash (no note) deal while your employees become part of a large established ESOP with real career opportunities! Dozens of past sellers to MAP, including Stericycle Communications Solutions, Answer Center VA Beach, and very recently A-Courteous Communications in Orlando. Please visit us at MapCommunications.Com/Calc and enter your own sale price to see the significant tax advantages gained by selling to MAP. Call Grant Sibley 800-955-9888 or email for a confidential conversation.

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