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Startel Releases New Standalone Voice Logger Solution


Startel Corporation announced the availability of the Startel standalone voice logger application, an easy-to-use tool that allows users to search, play, save, and email Startel voice logger clips. As a standalone application, customers and end users will benefit from time saved when with searching for and listening to inbound and outbound calls. “Now that the application is separate from the Startel soft switch, it frees up resources and optimizes retrieval and playback, resulting in a quicker response time of customer requests,” said Bill Lane, president and CEO of Startel.

News Release: The New TAS Trader is Coming in 2014

Leading Telephone Answering Service Publication Updates Format to Address Changing Reader Practices

TAS Trader logo

TAS Trader, the leading publication of the telephone answering service industry, will unveil a new look with its January 2014 issue. The revised format is geared towards mobile devices, while still being friendly for readers using computers.

“I started TAS Trader as an e-publication with two format goals: make it easy to read on a computer screen and make it easy to print for those who like a hard copy,” said publisher and editor Peter DeHaan. “In 2009, our 11 by 8½ inch, landscape, PDF layout made a lot of sense.”

But in 2013 the tipping point came, with more people reading email on smartphones and handheld devices than on computer screens. “This means our trusty format is no longer serving the majority of readers,” DeHaan added. “Therefore, starting in January 2014, our once innovative version of TAS Trader will retire.” Taking its place is an email version, designed for mobile users while still being easy to read from a computer screen or to print out.

The complete TAS Trader archives have been converted over to this new format, which readers can access from the TAS Trader website to read, forward, and print. Plus, since they are now text documents, they will be easier to search, which will also aid in better SEO (search engine optimization).

Current subscribers to TAS Trader won’t need to do anything to receive the new version. It will arrive via email just as it always does, and copies will be available online just like always. For all the things that are changing, some things remain the same.

The new TAS Trader will be unveiled with the next issue, due out January 14, 2014. Interested readers may sign up to receive this issue on the TAS Trader website.

For more information, go to

Emergency TAS Runs on Memory Stick

Mastar EmergRemote allows telephone answering services to run their TAS on a memory stick during emergencies. TAS can get up running instantly, with unlimited accounts and clients, including email, text, and other TAS functions. The database can be populated manually or by using Excel. A fifteen-minute video explains the details.

Mastar Telemessaging ( provides answering service software systems, dispatch systems, hosted VoIP services, DID hardware, inbound messaging, outbound marketing, and custom Filemaker applications.

Tascom Users Hold Annual Meeting

Tascom users’ meeting was held at South Point Casino Hotel in Las Vegas on November 7-8, 2013. The main discussion centered around their new softswitch Adam, which several sites have already installed. The discussions also compared traditional individual servers verses virtual servers verses hosted servers. The meeting ended with plans for next year’s Tascom user meeting and the celebration of thirty-five years of service to the Telemessaging Industry with twenty years of ownership by Wayne and Joanne Scaggs.

For more information contact Alston Tascom 866-282-7266 or

Peter Melton Joins Professional Teledata

Professional Teledata announced that Peter Melton has joined their team as a senior telephony engineer. He brings twenty-eight years of expertise, knowledge, and experience in the telephony arena with him to Professional Teledata. “Peter Melton brings vitality and perspective to this position that fits perfectly with our vision for the future at Professional Teledata,” said Pat Kalik, president of Professional Teledata. “Pete understands what we are all about. His experience and expertise make him the perfect person to join our telephony team where he will continue providing quality and support for our valued customers.”

Alston Tascom’s ADAM Softswitch with Dynamic Operator

Alston Tascom’s ADAM softswitch and Evolution MS-SQL database will dynamically assign an operator to an available position when they sign in for work. The knowledge is already in the system as to which positions are available, so the system decides which position to assign. This is especially useful for remote operators because it eliminates the need to coordinate which position should be used for login.

In other news, Tascom announced it is enters its thirty-fifth year in serving the telemessaging industry. The first Tascom system was installed in 1980 in Alaska; it was a 32-position system. Tascom was one of three product lines for Conrac Alston, a company noted for building billing systems for large central offices throughout the world. In 1986, Mark IV Industries acquired Conrac Industries and renamed the company to Alston, a Mark IV Company.

In 1994 Wayne Scaggs, employed since 1979, acquired Alston and renamed it to Alston Tascom, Inc. Alston Tascom, Inc. is entering its twentieth year. Mark your calendar for a big celebration in November 2014, and celebrate with them.

For more information, contact Alston Tascom at 866-282-7266 or

Telescan Moves to New Office Space in Missouri

Roger Young, president of Telescan, a division of Amtelco, announced the move of Telescan’s offices November 1. “After 25 years in our previous location it was time for a change. The new space provides a more technology-driven environment and better collaboration for our sales, service and software development groups to serve our customers’ needs. Please come and see us in the new location, at 617 Salt Lick Road, St. Peters, Missouri 63376.”

For more information, contact Amtelco at 800-356-9148.

Amtelco’s miSecureMessages Works With Apple iOS 7

Amtelco announced its miSecureMessages smartphone messaging and paging replacement application is compatible with iOS 7, the latest release of the computer operating system for Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Released by Apple on Sept. 18, iOS 7 includes a redesigned user interface and a number of changes to the operating system’s functionality.” Amtelco vice president for software, research and development. “The app was totally rewritten for version 3.0 to look and feel like a native Apple app. This effort went a long way to help miSecureMessages work seamlessly with iOS 7 when iOS 7 was released,” said Kevin Beale.

Amtelco’s Intelligent Series 4.1 Moves into Beta

Amtelco’s Intelligent Series 4.1 software has been installed for beta testing at a number of sites across the country. IS 4.1 includes the first operational release of Amtelco’s IS voice services platform, a software-only solution that includes a flexible Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based telephony switch with intelligent call routing, switch-based configurable call control, and multilingual voice-processing resources. IS 4.1 also includes new features, including a redesigned reporting interface, secure two-way email, IS server-based faxing, and improved agent password management capabilities. “We…expect to move IS 4.1 from beta testing into the general release in the relatively near future,” said Amtelco’s Kevin Beale.

In other news, Amtelco and Vocera have established a partnership to integrate the Vocera Badge messaging device with Amtelco’s Intelligent Series suite of call center applications and RED Alert automated notification system. Vocera is a provider of mobile communication solutions for hospital staff and mobile workers across diverse enterprise organizations. The Vocera Badge also is used in hospitality, retail, energy, and libraries, where workers are highly mobile. “This new integration between Vocera and Amtelco will expedite critical communications with hospital staff, instantly getting a response that could impact a positive outcome for all concerned,” said Tom Curtin, Amtelco president.

Alston Tascom’s ADAM Ready for General Release

Alston Tascom believes data, and the control of data, is the most powerful tool in the world. ADAM (Alston Designed Asterisk Machine) gives answering services power over all their call routing and the data associated with the call. This new soft-switch allows users to control all aspects of any call on the call center switch. Because the switch is software-based, users not only dictate how the call is routed but also know the status of the calls at any given moment. ADAM has completed its beta testing and is deployed at eight locations, with more orders on the way.