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TAS Trader focuses exclusively on the needs, concerns, and opportunities of the Telephone Answering Service (TAS) Industry. Promotion and advertising opportunities exist at TAS Trader for those who want to reach the telephone answering service industry. Email Valerie or call 866-668-6694 for more info.

Annual Sponsor Promotional Package in TAS Trader

  • Your display ad on select key pages (rotating with other sponsors)
  • Your banner ad on select key pages (rotating with other sponsors)
  • Your logo on all key pages (along with other sponsors, listed in order contracted)
  • Your annual vendor spotlight, product profile, or case study
  • Your listing on our sponsor page, linking to your website and providing a summary of your organization
  • Priority consideration for your press releases
  • Invitation to join the TAS Trader Editorial Advisory Team.
  • Only $199 per issue

Other Advertising in TAS Trader

  • Display ad in email notification: only $199 per issue
  • Classified text ad, up to 50 words: only $49 per issue
  • Premier display ad on all key pages: only $395 per year
  • E-blast: only $1495 per e-blast

Email Valerie or call 866-668-6694 for more info.

Serving the Telephone Answering Service Industry

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